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Lists of substances

The classification and labeling of CLP (List C & L), Art. 42 CLP is a database that will contain basic information about the classification and labeling of reported and registered the substance, provided by manufacturers and importers.

Inventory Creation Classification and marking not only ensure the smooth functioning of the market, but the high level of health and the environment. It promotes transparency and provides a starting point for companies to agree on self-classification of substances.

In accordance with the requirements of Article 119 (1) of the REACH Regulation, List C & L include:

  1. Information about the classification and labeling of the coming of the registration dossier in accordance with REACH and notification in accordance with the CLP
  2.  The list of substances for which the classification established in the EU harmonized

The public version of the list will also include identification, concentration limits and coefficients of M.

If the company reserved the confidentiality of the IUPAC name, replace it in the list of alternate name.

The database will also contain a list of harmonized classifications (Annex VI to CLP, Table 3.1).

The list will be created and will be led by the European Chemicals Agency.

Annex VI contains:

  • Part 1 of Annex VI is an introduction to the list of harmonized classification and labeling
  • Part 2 of Annex VI lays down general principles for preparing dossiers to propose and justify harmonized classification and labeling of substances at Community level
  • Part 3 of Annex VI lists the hazardous substances for which a harmonized classification and labeling rules at Community level. In Table 3.1 Classification and marking based on the criteria listed in Annex I to this Regulation. Table 3.2 Classification and marking based on the criteria listed in Annex VI of Directive 67/548/EEC
    Any manufacturer or importer, or group of manufacturers or importers (applicant), who bring to market a substance, notify the Agency the following information, which are then placed on a list

a) the applicant identifying them
b) information identifying one or more substances
c) the classification of one or more substances
d) if the substance has been classified in some but not all classes or further zróżnicowaniach threat – information on whether this is due to the lack of data, inconclusive data, or data that are unambiguous, but not sufficient to classify
e) where appropriate, specific concentration limits or M-factors, together with the reasons
f) the label elements (pictograms, signal word, hazard statements and additional elements of the labeling required under Article. 25 CLP)

  • Information is updated and reported to the Agency by the applicant or applicants if they decided to change the classification and labeling
  • Information on substances placed on the market on 1 December 2010 or later shall be reported in accordance with paragraph. 1 within one month of their introduction into circulation
  • Information on substances placed on the market before   1 December 2010 and can be reported in accordance with paragraph.


  1. Before that date if following notification to the list, there are different entries for the same substance, the notifiers and registrants shall make every effort to ensure that an agreed entry to be included in the list

Applicant Agency shall communicate relevant information
art. 16

  • Manufacturers  and importers may classify a substance differently than the classification included already in the classification and labeling, provided that they submit to the Agency’s justification for this classification together with the notification in accordance with Article. 40
  • Paragraph 1 shall not apply if the classification included in the classification and labeling is harmonized classification included in part 3 of Annex VI