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Transport documentation

ADR transport documentation:

During road haulage, the driver must carry a complete set of documents.
They concern both the driver, the vehicle, the company for which the carriage is carried out, and the cargo that is being carried. None of them results in a penalty imposed during road checks.
Every driver, when leaving the route, must have four types of documents:
1) referring to the driver performing the transport
2) related to the vehicle to which it is moving
3) confirming the company’s access to the transport market
4) referring to the cargo that is being transported

Driver Documents

The first group of documents are primarily driver’s personal documents that confirm his / her driving license, driver’s license and driver’s working time. Belong to them:
– driving license
– A certificate confirming compliance with the requirements of the Act or driving license, confirming that you hold valid medical and psychological examinations
– qualification
Documentation in road transport include:
– tachograph dials, ie record sheets and / or digital data
– a certificate of activity, ie not driving a vehicle or driving a vehicle excluded from the regulations
– driver’s certificate

Vehicle Documents

The second group of documents required during roadside inspection are documents related to the vehicle used for carriage, thus:
– registration document of the vehicle
– OC insurance
– authorization to use the vehicle –
– vehicle approval certificate (compliance with the requirements of the ADR Agreement) for the carriage of dangerous goods
– in case of road transport crossing EU borders, in required cases – EURO certificate as an attachment to international authorization

Evidence of enterprise access to the transport market

The third group of documents are company documents for which the driver carries cargo. An entrepreneur who carries out transport operations must have documents confirming his / her credentials and authorizations to perform certain operations. The driver must have the following documents in his vehicle:
– an excerpt from the license to practice as a road transport operator or license for domestic road transport
– excerpt from the Community license
– permission to transport people

Transport document for dangerous goods

The basic document relating to the transported dangerous goods is the transport document. Detailed information on the transport document and specific regulations is provided in 5.4.1 of the ADR Agreement.

Special Transportation

Apart from the aforementioned, there are also specific types of documents which are required only for the transport of a given category of cargo.
Such transports include:
– transport of dangerous goods (ADR)
– animal transport
– transport of perishable food and goods (ATP)
– waste transportation

Testimonials for a specific type of merchandise

Various types of certificates are provided for different types of products.
For example, a phytosanitary certificate is required for the transport of plant material originating in non-EU countries. For transportation of eg floor rugs, cables, floor coverings and plastic ceilings, you must have a fire certificate.
For gas appliances, it is necessary to have the appropriate electromagnetic compatibility certificate and the Electrical Safety Certificate. On the other hand, the health certificate must be provided when transporting such goods as: goods intended for transportation, in contact with food, graphic paints, dyes.

Certificate of origin

An important document is also a certificate of origin. It is a certificate issued in the country of origin of the goods. Most documentation in road transport must be on a special form and even if it is completed by the exporter or agent, it should be certified by an independent body – eg a chamber of commerce.

ADR Vehicle Admission Certificate

ADR approval is issued for EX / II, EX / III, FL, OX, AT and MEMU vehicles.